Bankruptcy For Credit Card Debt is Totally Obsolete Now Because New Alternatives Are in the News

Bankruptcy for credit card debt is becoming an old dinosaur bone that millions just can’t chew anymore. Some intelligent people with heavy card debt and other unsecured lines of credit are diligently searching for proven alternatives that will allow them to avoid the aura of a criminal or second class citizen that a bankruptcy filing brings.

If you are truly serious about finding an alternative that works every time then you must become familiar with “financial history” of the United States. You’ll need to look a little further back than the stock market crash of 1929 to truly understand the influence of the banking industry. The depression we are currently experiencing is the very reason you are in this financially embarrassing position.

You’ll find the most eye-opening history lesson ever by using the search term ” The Gig Is Up: Money, the Federal Reserve and You” were this 90 minute video was presented at The University of Colorado School of Law. Your understanding of this video history lesson will put you far ahead of the struggling population that has no idea of what is going on in our nation. These poor souls will remain in poverty because they will never discover this information.

Hopefully you have now watched the “gig” so while you push up on your chin to get your face looking normal from seeing this jaw dropping and life changing information, we will begin discussing how this monetary system will allow you to skip bankruptcy and bring you back to that debt free era of your life when you’re able to experience joy and happiness. You do vaguely remember when you had no debt don’t you?

While your mind is racing with this influx of unbelievable information it’s time to use one more search term found at “FTC debt video” where you will discover how to meet and beat your nemesis. You have learned earlier that banks do not loan any money so under the 1966 law they will never be able to show “proof of debt” against you.

Your joy may now turn to a bit of embarrassment as you slowly realize there is no need to declare bankruptcy because this simple federal law and your newly gained understanding of financial history have left you without debt! Knowledge has set you free! Yes, you do have two minor details to deal with but that’s not a drop in the bucket compared to what you were about to get yourself into.

While the population trembles in fear when their phone rings, you have your digital recorder ready and happily greet the debt collector on the phone and smile as he abuses your rights to the tune of $1000 per incident. It’s an easy matter to have him mark your account “paid as agreed” in exchange for your not filing a lawsuit.

Some people that are not as nice as you are even taking collector abuse over the phone to the next level. Using search terms such as “man wins 1.5 million in debt collector lawsuit” or “woman Sues Debt Collector, Wins $8.1 Million ” for a few harsh words spoken on the phone. Totally amazing isn’t it? If you feel a bit naughty, why not get some vacation money from the collector?

The last, most critical, must do step is to answer those collection notices you get in the mail. If you do not answer those notices then you might as well get out the phone book and look for bankruptcy attorneys in the yellow pages because you’ve just cooked your own goose!

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